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This book is a story about real events. How a man was delighted. That is why he was denied a prohibition and was also sentenced for persecution.

This is a story about a man who was at the wrong time in the wrong place, too many times. He was right in the middle.

The book's events will mainly take place in Pori and in the years 2014-2016. There are also memories of previous years to some extent, as well as some kind of future reflection. Thoughts waking up?

The book tells you how the man imagined strange. How do you suppose you are non-existent. How much history weighs. The book proves: The fact can be something different: Facto, Facturus, …

After reading the book, you may think that everything is not always over looks. Events, deeds, and everything have different motives. And not all motives are always friendly.

The book also tells forgiveness about giving in its own strange way. Because of that, and therefore, everything is possible. Or is it anyway?

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This book is the story of the real events. About how the man was fascinated by.That's why he got a restraining order, and came to be vainoamisestakin.This is the story of a man who was at the wrong time in the wrong place, too many times.Was he between the real. The events occurred in the years mainly in Pori and 2014-2016.There's also a muisteluita to some extent, as well as in previous years, the f *** for some kind of future consideration.Thoughts on raising? The book tells the story of how a man thought strange.How she assumed non-existent. How much of the history of the press. The book proves it: the fact it may be something else: Faktoidi, Faktuuri, …The book after reading this you may be of the opinion that everything is not always what on the surface looks like.Events, in deed, and in all things, there are a variety of considerations. And not all motives are not always friendly.The book also tells of the adoption of its own strange way, sorry. As a result, and therefore, everything is possible.Or is it really?




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