Onko todellisuutta ilman menneisyyttä?

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The concept of ”reality” is typically understood to refer to the state of things as they exist objectively, independently of human perception or interpretation. The past, on the other hand, refers to events that have already occurred and are no longer present.

It is difficult to imagine a concept of reality without some notion of the past, as events that have already happened contribute to shaping the current state of reality. For example, the geological formation of mountains, the evolution of life on Earth, and the development of human societies are all processes that have occurred over a significant period of time.

However, it is possible to conceive of a reality that is not influenced by human perception or interpretation of the past. In this sense, the past would exist as a purely objective set of events that have occurred, but it would not necessarily be relevant to the present moment.

Overall, while it is challenging to conceive of a reality without any connection to the past, it is possible to consider different perspectives on what the past means for the present moment and how it shapes our understanding of reality.

Voitko siis käsittää todellisuutta tai tuntea sitä ilman menneisyyden käsitettä?
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Aika on syvyyden luoja, todellisuus on ennakkokäsityksiä ympäristöstä, uskomuksia muodosta

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